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Your stress is specific to you and the way it manifests in your body. If you're reading this, you're ready to take responsibility for your health and play an active part in your healing. And we're here to help. Your comfort, pain relief and relaxation are our top priorities. Step into our space and step away from the overwhelming world and focus on you.


Peru 2015: The Dawn of a New Age
Festivals, Sacred Sites & Cermonies

June 13-28, 2015

Info Sessions: Wednesday, February 18 @ 6:00pm AND Wednesday, March 18 @ 6:00pm

Join Elm City Wellness as we head to Cusco, Peru, for our 3rd annual trip to the Healing House, a non-profit holistic urban retreat in Cusco.

Andean prophecy says that at the end of 500 years of darkness, a new age will dawn, drawing people from around the globe to Peru, known by the Incans as the center of the earth. Together we will work to awaken consciousness, elevating the earth's vibration. The time is NOW and the place is Healing House, located in the heart energy center of Cusco.

Join us as we celebrate Inti Raymi (June 24th), the most prominent spiritual festival of the Andes, an Incan ritual that ceremonially marks the energetic evolution of humanity.

"Being here this year during Inti Raymi is extraordinarily special, according to the ancient beliefs of the Andean people, and according to what those of us who live and work in Cusco also feel.  I invite you to join in the 'Awakening of the Puma/ at the Inti Raymi celebration, for your own transformation and for the elevation of planetary consciousness." Niki Coate, Founder of Healing House.

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